2018 Academic Bowl

On Tuesday, March 20th, select students attended the High School Academic Bowl Conference Meet at Central Wisconsin Christian High School.

Students began the night with individual tests in specific subject areas. After dinner, students then participated in the team event, in which questions are read orally in the broad categories of social studies, literature, science, and current events.

The team took 5th place overall out of the 12 teams competing. Michael Hillson placed first overall in the individual event of Physics.

Those attending include:


  • Freshman Bella Herman – Physical Science
  • Sophomore Justin Swanson – Chemistry
  • Junior Anthony Purpi – Biology
  • Senior Michael Hillson – Physics
  • Senior Owen Hombsh – Physics

Language Arts

  • Freshman Kysten Harrold – Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Sophomore Vivi Segura – Novels
  • Junior Tyler Vaughn – Potpourri
  • Senior Kenzie Seeber – American Literature
  • Senior Emily Benner – Grammar/Vocabulary

Social Studies

  • Freshman Micah Siercy-Sales – US History
  • Sophomore Lukas David – Geography
  • Sophomore Hannah Constable – US History
  • Junior Jamison Richardt – World History
  • Senior TJ Christian – Civics

High School Academic Bowl Team Michael Hillson bites his medal Michael Hillson poses with his medal



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