5th Grade International Activities


Mrs. Scheibel’s fifth grade class has joined the Global Read Aloud and are making international connections!  Today the fifth graders were fortunate to be able to Skype with a fifth grade classroom in Dreyden, Ontario, Canada.  Today was a mystery Skype, so each class had 10 questions they were able to ask to narrow down where the other classroom was located.  Using questions like: What hemisphere are you in and what is the climate like where you are? helped narrow down the guesses.  In the end Mrs. Scheibel’s class guessed Manitoba, Canada and they guessed Michigan. This is only an initial Skype as they begin the Global Read Aloud book Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper.  Throughout the reading of this book they will be collaborating with classes around the globe.  They will discuss questions through Kidblog, Edmodo, and Skype.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students from Johnson Creek Elementary to communicate globally!

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