5th Grade Students Engineer Bobsleds

With the Winter Olympics going on, student teacher Mr. Wiseman tried to capture that spirit in our 5th grade Science and Engineering classes.  Our future engineers embarked on a week long task of testing and building a “bobsled.”  Each team, which consisted of 4 or 5 students, was given the exact same materials.  They included a light switch cover, strips of fabric, binder clips, pipe cleaners, metal washers, duct tape, and access to a glue gun.  Our bobsled track was a 10 foot long plastic gutter, and had a start and finish line drawn on it.  To keep a written record of their tests and results, each group created and shared a document on Google Drive. Friday, February 14th was race day!  Each group was randomly assigned a country and given a picture of their country’s flag.  Each group was given 3 timed runs, and the fastest individual time was awarded our mythical gold medal. We found that the fastest bobsleds used fewer materials and had the majority of the weight in the front. Everyone did a great job, and Mr. Wiseman was so proud of the effort and teamwork put forth by every single student!

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