5th Grade Students Sing the National Anthem


5th grade students, (back row) Gracie Fisher, Denalyn Siewert, Ashlee Walk, Katelyn Draeger, (front row) Kendra Mueller, Lexi Swanson, Hannah Budig and Alyssa Kunath, sang the National Anthem at the February 10, 2015 Boys Basketball game vs. Horicon. These students volunteered to sing for the game and practiced outside of class several times to get ready for their performance. Mr. Martin, Mrs. Edington and the girls enjoyed watching the game, as well. Thanks girls! Great job!

September 13, 2014 signified the 200th anniversary of the writing of the words of the Star Spangled Banner. After learning about the history of the writing and the journey to become designated as our country’s national anthem, elementary students learned the tune, words and practiced this difficult song. Earlier in the school year, all K-5 students sang the Star Spangled Banner at a POPS assembly, featured in an earlier blog post.

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