8th Grade Promotion Ceremony and Middle School Awards

On Friday, June 3rd, the Johnson Creek Middle School celebrated all the wonderful achievements the students made throughout the year. Mr. Rasmussen started the ceremony by reading the dreams of the middle school teachers have for the class of 2020. The ceremony acknowledged the members of FFA and student council and all their contributions they made to our school and community.

Mrs. Rojemannm awarded all 6,7,8 graders that showed academic success this year by meeting or succeeding the projected growth on the NWEA MAPs test. Ms. Hanson followed by awarding any students that met or succeeded their projected growth in reading and writing. Mr. Rasmussen presented the Josh Nimm Social Studies Award to Issac Hartz for his love and knowledge towards history as well as the forensic club.

Mrs. Frank presented the Presidential Award of Excellence to any 8th graders in the top 85%tile on a standardized test and have a GPA of at least a 3.5.  She also presented the Presidential Award of Achievement to any 8th grader that showed positive growth but did not meet the requirement above.

Mr. Jensen led the middle school choir in a song to send the 8th grade class onto high school.

Finally, Mr. Vogel awarded all 8th graders with a certificate of promotion.

Congratulations class of 2020! Continue to be the change you see in the world.



FFA Members
Student Council
6th Grade Math Awards
8th Grade Math Awards
8th Grade Reading
7th Grade Reading Awards
8th Grade Reading Awards
Mr. Rasmussen presenting Isaac Hartz with the Josh Nimm Award
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Presidential Excellence Awards
Presidential Achievement Awards
Choir Singing
Class of 2020

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