African Festival

On Friday, March 20, 2015, third grade students at Johnson Creek Elementary School participated in the annual African Festival. Students and their friends and family gathered together to celebrate the end of their African unit of study. The day began with a guest speaker, Alyce, a Zimbabwe native, that spoke to the students about growing up in Zimbabwe. In the afternoon, students performed the Kapiti Plain poem, displayed their African home models, taught their guests how to play Mancala and presented their African country research projects.

After rotating through these stations, students and guests gathered in the gym for a musical performance. The performance featured songs including movement and playing instruments from seven different African countries. During their six weeks of African research and study in music, they sang additional songs or viewed videos of music from fourteen additional countries.

They also displayed and wore their many forms of African Art during the festival. All students wore Adinkra designed T-shirts that they had first tie-dyed. Adinkra cloth comes from Ghana and each of the Adinkra designs has a special meaning. Going along with the building theme of “Books Alive”, students also created African alphabet books that were on display. .

Third graders ended the festival with an African food tasting. We want to take the time to thank all of our visitors that were able to participate and celebrate all of the hard work our third graders put forth to make this event a success.

Throughout their large unit study, the students were a part of a service learning project for the KIPSONGO PROJECT. The students gathered $252.38  in donations for the KIPSONGO PROJECT and sold a little over $100 of product made by the members of the project. We are so proud of them and our hearts are warmed by their kindness and hard work they have put into this service learning project!

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