Christmas Neighbors of Jefferson County



What do lips and a food drive have in common? It’s the annual Johnson Creek All School District food drive for both our local food pantry and Jefferson County. To make this fun, the Elementary and Middle/High School will be having a competition. The building with the least raised food will have their principal kiss an animal. If the district raises 2000 items Dr. Garvey will have to kiss the animal.  Right now we are in the process of getting an animal lined up for this activity…so stay tuned to see if it’s a horse, donkey, alpaca, or ??????

In the elementary, for every food item brought in the students can vote for a teacher to kiss the animal. I wonder who it will be this year? Past winners were Steve Brockert, Amy Wiley and Sam Hett.   

So, please save a few food items for your child to bring in for this worthy cause. The drive runs from Monday, December 9th through Friday, December 13th.          

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