Comfort Suites Incident

On Friday, May 25, 2018, the Johnson Creek Safety Patrol and Elementary Student Council were participating in a celebration trip being held at the Comfort Suites Hotel in Johnson Creek.  Twenty-eight students and two advisors were participating in activities in the pool area.

Toward the end of their event, there was an air quality issue in the pool area which affected several of the students.  Johnson Creek Fire and EMS was called and were assisted by the Johnson Creek Police Department, Watertown EMS, and Jefferson EMS.  The Fire Department is handling any press releases.

After assessment by the EMS staff, twenty students were released to their parents either at the scene or at the elementary school.  The remaining eight were transported by ambulance for further assessment. All eight were released later in the day. All parents of the participating students were contacted either by phone or in person by school staff members.  

The quick response of our teacher advisors and the awesome work of our local EMS prevented any serious injury.  

–Dr. Garvey, Superintendent


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