District Adds Additional 200 Chromebooks

This year the school district has purchased an additional 200 Chromebooks for student use; bringing us even closer to being a true 1 to 1 school. The Chromebooks were placed in 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms, as well as incorporating additional devices into core subject areas in the high school. The elementary now has a Chromebook for each student to use in grades 2-5 and currently has a classroom set of iPads to be shared within 4K-1st grade. The district has also received a grant for 30 LearnPads (Android based tablets) that are being distributed selectively K-12.

This past week, second graders in Ms. Roe’s class worked with Mr. Perucco to learn about Chromebook care, logging in to the Chromebooks, and creating a document in Google Drive. Though the process for logging in can be time consuming at first for the 2nd graders, once in, they can just click their picture and type the class password. The district is constantly working to make technology more efficient and user friendly for our staff and students.

The district’s next goal is to begin looking at additional devices appropriate for 4K-1 students.

Second grade students work on their new Chromebooks

Ms. Roe assists students on the Chromebooks

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