Elementary Students Connect with Skype

Students in Mrs. Wagner’s class have been reading the books “Clever Trevor” and “Pet Peeves” by Sarah Albee.  Students have been working on telling the difference between “what I think” and what the author or characters might think; recounting stories and their main ideas and supporting understanding of text by referring back to the text for answers.  

Today, they had the opportunity to Skype with Ms. Albee and ask various questions. The students are also going to be asking her why she decided to become a writer, how does she come up with her book ideas, what to do when she is stuck as a writer for ideas, editing books, the main theme/central idea of her books.

Mrs. Wagner’s class was also able to Skype this week with a class from Michigan and Ontario about the Global Read Aloud, Marty McGuire. After working out a few technical issues from the first session, the class began preparing for one more from Ohio. The kids are super excited and are also learning some Geography with mystery Skype questions about our state.

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