Garden Club at Johnson Creek Elementary School

In April of 2017, students at Johnson Creek Elementary received the opportunity to learn about gardening during an after-school garden club. The club meets every other Tuesday for one hour, enjoying a snack together, taking part in hands-on lessons and working in the garden.  Students have been studying the importance of seeds, learning about the different types of soil and are preparing their two garden beds for planting this Spring. This club has been a great opportunity for students to experience teamwork while becoming educated on planting a successful garden. This club has been made possible by the works of Stacy Miller (third grade teacher), Heidi Hartz (parent and JC Creek Healthy Initiative Coalition member), McKenna Hemker (first grade teacher), Alicia Brunk (Americorps volunteer)  and the help of many other JC Elementary teachers (Mrs. Stephanie Roe and Mrs. Sue Miller) that offer their time after school to help out with the club. A special thank you also to Mr. Bob Greene and Mrs. Kris Blakeley for the generous donation of our new raised garden beds and all their help getting the garden club started, as well a special thank you to Chuck Moehling for putting them together. We look forward to continuing this club with a summer school class and our club meeting back together in the fall.


Garden Club Garden Club Garden Club

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