JCE Third Graders Participate in Pioneer Day

On Friday, May 4th, 2018  third grade students at Johnson Creek Elementary School participated in Pioneer Day at the Johnson Creek Community Center. Members from the JC Historical Society and other community members took the children back hundreds of years with a fun-filled day of activities and history. Upon arrival to the community center, students learned how to “churn” ice cream using vintage ice cream makers and listened to a special presentation on beekeeping by Becky Mehringer. Students then worked in small groups where they washed clothes by hand and ironed, “shook” their own butter, cut logs with a two-man saw, and hauled water over their shoulders.  Warden Ryan Elison from the Jefferson County Department of Natural Resources presented on trapping, the fur trade, and taught students about area wildlife. During breaks, students played old-fashioned games like ‘Doggy, Doggy Where’s Your Bone?’ and ‘Marbles’. Students ended the day by listened to Amy the Fiddler and dancing to London Bridge. It was a wonderful day to step back in time and really enhanced the Apple Valley unit for students.

a demonstration about bee keepers student in a bee keeper outfit students listening to Mrs. Oneil students at pioneer days students washing laundry students washing laundry students learning to saw logs student carrying water buckets students learning about trapping students at pioneer days students playing marbles Fiddle player playing for students

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