Johnson Creek Anthology Selections

Johnson Creek students recently participated in the Southern Lakes Anthology Contest. This

Anthology is a collection of prose, poems, drawings and cartoons compiled from thousands

of student entries from approximately 35 different schools in the Whitewater Talented and

Gifted Network. Students in grades 3-6 were given an opportunity to complete their creative

interpretation on this year’s theme, “Figure It Out”.

Each school is allowed to submit only 24 pieces. The Johnson Creek Elementary and Middle

School students who had their work chosen to go on to the SLA judging are pictured in these

photos. Top photo, front row: Erin Brown, Sarah Seaborn and Chantel Reiser. Middle Row:

Josey Whitehouse, Isaac Hartz, Jacob Constable, Olivia Ott, Raegan Zastrow, Brianna Caito, and

Joey Barganz. Back row: Arely Mares, Izzy Doherty, Sam Toebe, Dena Siewert, Megan Jones,

Brianna Bixler, Emma Reichert, Amber Kieckbusch and Ayden Schwartz. The bottom photo

includes Middle School students Justin Swanson, Hannah Constable, Kaylee Jablonski, Chelsea

Hernandez and Ralph Hombsch.

At the judging the student projects are again evaluated to ensure that only the ones superior

in concept, creativity and craftsmanship are chosen for publication. Cyndi Braunschweig,

Elementary Art Teacher and the local coordinator for this enrichment opportunity, is happy to

announce that 10 of our local selections were chosen for the Anthology. The accepted art and writings

were created by Isaac Hartz, Jacob Constable, Olivia Ott, Raegan Zastrow, Brianna Caito, and

Joey Barganz, Amber Kieckbusch, Brianna Bixler, Denalyn Siewert and Hannah Constable. They

will be honored at a reception at UW-Whitewater on May 21st.

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