Kindergarteners “Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti”

The Johnson Creek Kindergarteners were at it again!!  This month, the kind kindergarten Club “threw kindness around like confetti” in the middle school and high school.  Each student created a card with confetti on the front and put together treat bags.  They then had the opportunity to secretly deliver these treat bags to middle school and high school students by taping them on randomly selected lockers.  A few teachers, the principal and the superintendent also received a treat bag.  The kindergarteners were so excited to get to personally deliver their act of kindness this month!

“Hello, I am an eighth grader in the Johnson Creek Middle school, obviously. I realize it’s a shot in the dark to send you this message and get the correct class right away but I need to say thank you. I was one of the lucky older kids who received a small baggy of kindness. I left it at school, in my locker so I do not know the first name. Although, I do know the last name, Broich. If this does not help, I am locker 134 (the last yellow locker on the far left of the upper level of the middle/high school). I would just like to say thank you, I was having a bad day, with many tests and note taking, the joys of middle school, huh? Well, I was going to my locker, and saw a little baggy on it. Quite confused, I read it and I couldn’t help but smile. The little bits of candy and knowing that I was unintentionally chosen to receive such a small, but kind gift made me beyond happy. It’s little things that make us smile. So, if you know of this little boy,who chose my locker, could you tell him I said thank you? It’d mean a lot. (:
Thank you,
Vivi S.”





Kindness Confetti






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