Science Immersion Day – January 29, 2016

On Friday, January 29, Mr. Wagner and 4 sixth grade students, (Hannah Budig, Joey Barganz, Isabelle Doherty, and Jacob Constable), attended the Southern Lakes Advanced Learners Network (SLALN) which was in partnership with the UW-Whitewater Outreach Center at UW-Whitewater.

The students enjoyed the morning activities at Upham Hall learning about geology, chemistry, and biology.  They experienced hands on activities in each station.

In geology they were able to look at rocks under a microscope and create their own earthquakes.  In chemistry they learned about solutions and mixtures and performed an experiment which involved making salt.  In biology they learned about hot and cold water and the effects it has when mixed with a dye.  How the dye interacted with the cold and hot water.

In the afternoon we enjoyed going over to Young Auditorium and learning about sound effects and how productions are run on a daily basis.  The students were also given the opportunity to go on stage and behind stage to observe first hand what happens during a production.

It was an awesome day of learning for both the students and Mr. Wagner.  Happy Science Immersion Day!!

Joey Barganz
Hannah Budig and Izzy Doherty
Izzy Doherty and Joey Barganz
Hannah Budig and Jacob Constable


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