Southern Lakes Anthology Project

Students that are in grades 3-8 had the opportunity to participate in the Southern Lakes Anthology Project. This project offers the chance for young authors and artists to have their work published.  Students are encouraged to create works of prose, poetry, art, cartoon, or illustrated writing connected to the year’s theme. This year’s theme was…WHAT’S INSIDE. Under the direction of Lyndsi Braunschweig, Lyndsay Scheibel and Lyssa Lauersdorf, more than 100 students placed entries in our district! From there, only 24 students were selected to have their pieces move on to the final judging. Those students include: Lauren Nadboralski, Valeria Ortega, Greta Sixel, VIolet Sweger, Adam Whitehouse, Cambrya Wollet, Melanie Ayala, Evan Chowanec, Colton Granzow, Francisco Gutierrez, Luke Hartz, Alyssa Hucke, Ashlyn Jones, Evan Malueg, Zoe Moser, Yadira Ortega, Elizabeth Barganz, Mikaela Brown, Ella Olszewski, Madalyne Thorman, Bailey Wagner, Joey Barganz, Isabelle Doherty, and Ayden Schwartz.

On January 24, representatives from 35 other districts joined together to select the final pieces to be published in the Southern Lakes Anthology book. It is so exciting to share that 15 students from the Johnson Creek School District were selected to have their work published in this year’s anthology. Two of these students had their artwork selected to be judged for Cover Art. These two students were Luke Hartz and Joey Barganz. On May 23, the students selected for publication are invited to a large reception at UW-Whitewater to be honored for their work. Below includes a list of each student that was selected, their grade level, the genre of their work and the title. Congratulations!


Lauren Nadboralski, grade 3, art, Creative Hands

Greta Sixel, grade 3, art, The Dark Room

Violet Sweger, grade 3, art, Growing

Melanie Ayala, grade 4, art,  Cat Surprise!

Evan Chowanec, grade 4, art, The Critter

Colton Granzow, grade 4, poem, Potential

Luke Hartz, grade 4, art, Character WIthin

Alyssa Hucke, grade 4, illustrated writing, An Amazing Sight

Evan Malueg, grade 4, art, Lion Skull

Zoe Moser, grade 4, art, The Camping Trip

Elizabeth Barganz, grade 6, poetry, Dreams

Ella Olszewski, grade 7, art, Something Dropped

Madelyne Thorman, grade 7, art, Moonlit Forest

Joey Barganz, grade 8, cartoon, The Box

Isabelle Doherty, grade 8, art, Treasure?


Luke Hartz Drawing
Luke Hartz – Character WIthin
Ella's Drawing
Ella Olszewski – Something Dropped
Joey's Drawing
Joey Barganz – The Box
Evan's Drawing
Evan Chowanec – The Critter
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