Spanish Field Trips

The Advanced Spanish class was able to take a look back in time at the Milwaukee Public Museum on May 22nd. The students spent most of their time at the museum looking at ancient cultures including those of Mexico and Central America. They were also able to explore the Maya world in the traveling Maya Civilization exhibit. They ended the day enjoying authentic Mexican food, just as they started the day visiting “El Rey” a large Hispanic grocery store.

Girls posing in museum

Girl in front of artifact





On Saturday, May 26th, three senior girls (Kiana Gosh, Hannah Stiemke, and alum Katie Woodward) attended the Reik concert in Rosemont, Illinois with Miss Hill. These students have been listening to Latin music since they began their Spanish study and have grown to love the music, especially Latin Grammy-winning band from Mexicali, Mexico “Reik.” Students were able to sing along with many of the songs and immerse themselves in Latino pop culture for an evening. It was an amazing concert and one that they will be talking about for weeks to come.

Reik has been a band for 14 years, named for the idea of “raking” the guitar.

The students enjoyed many of their hit songs such as “Que Vida la Mia”, “Que Gano Olvidandote”, “Invierno” and “Sabes” just to name a few.

Girls getting ready to watch a concert Concert Girls at a concert


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