Student Writing Feature: New High School Like Gers by Shane Radtke

Fifth grade student Shane Radtke has been reading the book “Shelters” and has made comparisons of the new school being built. We wanted the opportunity to share Shane’s writing with an authentic audience. Feel free to comment!

Shane’s teacher stated:

“Shane chose this book as a topic of interest as he has been building a fort with a friend at home. When he dug further into the book, he began noticing connections to the new high school that was being built. He wanted to share the information with others. He was working on close reading and note taking, and ended up with personal connections that made the text meaningful for him.”

“New High School Like Gers”
By Shane Radtke

I was reading about gers in a book about shelters and I thought they looked like our new school!  I thought parents and students might find this information interesting.  Gers are circular shelters with domed roofs. They have good airflow because there are no corners.  They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Strong winds can’t knock them down, even with 90 mph winds!  Herders in Central Asia need new pasture for their animals.  They are nomadic people who need to move their homes for water or food.  Sheep wool is used to make felt mats for the gers. Eight layers of felt mats are put on the lattice frames in the winter.  The door faces the south for the sunlight. Inside they might have fire pits, rugs, and  furniture.  It takes less than an hour to set up or to take down.

I hope strong storms cannot knock down our new school since they are circular. The airflow should keep students warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

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