Students Compete in Conference Academic Bowl

On Monday, March 20th, 15 students attended the Conference Academic Bowl hosted by Horicon High School. 

Students began with a written test in their category, which consisted of 40 multiple choice questions. After dinner, students then competed in the oral competition, in which they worked with their teams to answer questions read to them as a group. This took place in the gym, which gave everyone an opportunity to cheer on their teams. 

The students that represented Johnson Creek were:

Social Studies

Justin Swanson – Geography
Andrew Coopman – World History
Owen Hombsch – US History
William Piotrowski – Civics (4th place)
Logan Morehouse – US History and Current Events (3rd place)

Language Arts

Hannah Constable – Potpourri
Tyler Vaughn – Grammar/Vocab
Kenzie Seeber – American Lit (5th place)
Tori Nizzi – Novels
Emily Benner – Grammar/Vocab and Current Events


Lukas David – Physical Science
Hannah Dotzler – Physics
Madeline Wenzel – Chemistry
Noah Argus – Biology (4th place)
Elysa Doherty – Physical Science and Current Events (4th place)

Academic Bowl Team

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