Students Help Clean Cemetery

Volunteers from Johnson Creek HS as well as students in Miss Sambs landscaping class helped clean the Johnson Creek Evergreen Cemetery. This was done in coordination with the Johnson Creek  Cemetery Association, a nonprofit tasked with the care and maintenance of the cemetery. The group was supported as a Thrivent Action Team. Adult volunteers Les Gray, Tim Brasch, Debbie Brown, Holly Schmidt, Scott Thomas, Dale Theder, and Theresa Kopp make up the cemetery board. Jennifer Budig, Krista Anton, and Kelsey Sambs coordinated the Johnson Creek HS student volunteering. Over 20 students volunteered for more than 100 working hours; clearing brush and raking.

The cemetery association wants to thank Mr. Brian Zachgo of Thrivent Financial in Johnson Creek for supporting the cleanup effort.

Student Volunteers
Back: Mr. Gray, Marcus Wildes, Tyler Naatz, Blake Logan, Jacob Alexander, Chris Heil, and David Vallo.
Front: Samantha Streng, Riley White, Skye Johnson, Dayana De la Cruz

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