Thanksgiving Feast in Kindergarten

The kindergarten classes prepared a Thanksgiving Feast in their classrooms again this year. The feast was a time for parents to be involved in the classroom and for everyone to work together in achieving a common goal.  The activity was very successful and enjoyable, as it created a sense of unity in the classroom and gave the students pride in the hard work that they had done.  Students always have such a great time getting to help make the food that we all get to enjoy! To better understand the importance of participating in this experience, the kindergarten classes spent time learning about the Pilgrims and Native Americans who had worked together in creating The First Thanksgiving Feast, prior to our feast.  Once the entire meal was finished, we all sat down together to enjoy the meal that we had prepared.

Students at Thanksgiving Feast Students at Thanksgiving Feast Students at Thanksgiving Feast Teacher Matt Cheek

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