The Great American Snow Clothes Challenge- JC Style

The Great American Snow Clothes Challenge
“JC Style”

In effort to combat the overwhelming amount of indoor recesses due to cold the recess teachers in Kindergarten and First grade created the Snow Clothes Challenge.

Over several weeks each class was pulled into the hall during indoor recess to talk about what to wear, what order to put it on, and how clean to leave the hall when they were done with recess.  Once that was completed the boys challenged the boys and the girls challenged the girls to see who could get all their snow cloths on the fastest.  All cloths had to be on in the correct order and their spot needed to be neat and tidy.
  1. Snowpants
  2. Boots(tied if needed)
  3. Jacket(zipped too)
  4. Hat
  5. Scarf(if they had one)
  6. Gloves

Then when they were all dressed we had a contest to see who could get it all off and put away neat and quick.

The winners are:
Mrs. Enger and Miss Leonardi’s Class
Girls on Boys on
Taylor Simon
Kayley Wyatt
Girls off Boys off
Layla Wyatt
Taylor William

Mr Cheek’s Class
Girls on Boys on
Mya Trent
Alyssa Luke
Girls off Boys off
Mya Trent
Kylie Luke

Miss Nicholson’s Class
Girls on Boys on
Charlize Trent
Lana Abdullah
Girls off Boys off
Ashlyn Abdullah
Alexandra Noah

Mrs. Miller’s Class
Girls On Boys on
Zada Tanner
Natalie Hayden
Girls Off Boys off
Natalie Terry
Sierra Hayden

Mrs. O’Brien and Miss Hemker’s Class
Girls on Boys on
Faith Dameon*
Madyson Nash
Girls off Boys off
Madyson Nash
Faith Max

Mrs. Sireno’s Class
Girls on Boys on
Lainey Ryan
Kiya Mason
Girls off Boys off
Lainey Shawn

Vivian Ryan

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