Third Graders at JCE participate in African Festival

Johnson Creek Elementary School third grade students participated in an African Festival on Friday, March 16, 2018. During this time, families, friends, and community members, joined together to immerse in African culture and celebrate the hard work and effort of third grade students. Students began the festival by displaying their African country presentations created in Google Presentation, showcasing their replicas of African houses, playing Mancala with family and friends, and reciting a choral reading piece about the Kapiti Plain.  

After rotating through these stations, students and guests gathered in the gym for a musical performance.  The performance featured songs including movement and playing instruments from many different African countries.  During their six weeks of African research and study in music, they sang additional songs or viewed videos of music from all the countries students decided to study.

Students also displayed their personalized African art projects that they created. Students had a variety of projects from 2d dioramas, clay sculptures, basket weaving, and many other great projects representing their individual countries that they studied.  

Third graders ended the festival with an African food tasting, where they got to fully immerse all their senses in new and exciting cuisine.  We want to take the time to thank all of our visitors that were able to participate and celebrate all of the hard work our 3rd graders put in to make it such a success!


Students viewing Chromebooks at African Festival Student demonstrating an african instrument Students showing parents a presentation on a chromebook Students showing parents a presentation on a chromebook a picture of students in a circle singing a song a girl showing her parents her project on a chromebook students playing mancala with their parents

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