Third Graders Experience Life in Pioneer Times

On Friday, June 2nd, 2017, third grade students from Johnson Creek Elementary stepped back in time to Civil War and Pioneer times. Students were split into two groups and visited the home of Joseph Philbrick Webster and the Blooming Prairie School House. At the Webster House, volunteers from the Walworth County Historical Society took the students through the home and museum of Joseph Philbrick Webster. Here, students got to see what a home looked like during the Pioneer times and discussed the differences between then and now. Students also saw a mounted bird collection of Webster, a doll collection of Celia Kutil, as well as a miniature replica of the Westgate Mansion that once was in Lake Geneva.

Students also had the opportunity to visit the Blooming Prairie School House, where they got to turn back time and become students of 1889. As students entered, they were dressed in costume by two teachers that played the part of 1889 teachers. They then sat at old school desks and learned about the differences of school back then. Students participated in a reading lesson using readers, performed in a spelling bee and completed arithmetic problems on slates and blackboards. After a time of learning, students had recess time and played  “Fetch the Bacon”. They also learned the song “Oh My Darling Clementine”. To wrap up the day, the top graduation point winners for the quarter gave graduation point speeches to their classes. The top students were Melanie Ayala, Simon Loesing Turks and Luke Hartz.  It was such a fun and exciting day and really allowed the students to experience life in the pioneer times.

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